Graphic Novel/Gaming Stage

Learn about the art of graphic novels, comics, illustration and how games and gaming inspire creativity and social interaction!

Time: Saturday, June 25, 2016 Sunday, June 26, 2016 Monday, June 27, 2016
9:30am-10:20am Reaching Reluctant Readers John Patrick Green "Comic Books As a Gateway to Early Learning" The State of Graphic Novels Today
10:30am-11:20am Pierce Watters "Playing Table Top Games at Your Library"

Will Eisner Presents "Creating Local Partnerships for Your GN Collection Development and Programming"

Mark Wayne Adams "OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters" Family Tree
11:30am-12:20pm Jarrett Williams "Super Pro K.O.! Gold for Glory" DC Entertainment "All Access" CBC-Graphic Traffic: Graphic Novels Takeover
12:30pm-1:20pm John Shableski and Erik Ko "Japanese Gaming Market Impacting Publishing" Mark De Vera "Manga!"  
1:30pm-2:20pm Mark Siegel "The 10th Anniversary of First Second Books" Jim Ottaviani "The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded"  

Margaret Atwood On Her First Graphic Novel, "Angel Catbird"

The Best Graphic Novels You Haven't Heard of (Yet): 2016/2017 Preview  
3:30pm-4:20pm Zines Out Loud

What's Coming in Graphic Novels for Fall



William Grill, Kevin McClosky, Jim Ottaviani and MK Reed - "Reaching Reluctant Readers"

How do you get a child interested in the biology of worms? The history of American conservation? The achievements of Alan Turing? What do you have to say to get a reluctant reader to sit still and learn the ins and outs of paleontology? These aren’t just questions for teachers and librarians, but also questions that artists and authors have to answer whenever they sit down and create non-fiction books. On this informative and inspiring panel, award winning artist William Grill (Wolves of Currumpaw), cartoonist Kevin McCloskey (The Real Poop on Pigeons) and graphic novel writers MK Reed (Science Comics: Dinosaurs) and Jim Ottaviani (The Imitation Game) will talk about what challenges they face when creating illustrated books that grapple with the demands of the real world!

Paizo Games - Pierce Watters "Playing Table Top Games at Your Library"

To accomodate a changing clientele, more and more libraries are running roleplaying games, board games, and card games in the afternoons. Join Pierce in a discussion on 'How to set up game in your Library? and, Efficiently running those games?

Jarrett Williams "Super Pro K.O. Gold for Glory"

Jarrett Williams was born in New Orleans, LA. Williams currently completed the third volume in his pro-wrestling/adventure series Super Pro K.O.!: Gold for Glory at publisher Oni Press. Williams  is also working on a monthly comic book called Hyper Force Neo with publisher Z2 Comics. He has contributed stories for Yo Gabba Gabba: Comic Book Time at Oni Press and has completed covers for Adventure Time and Regular Show at Boom Studios.  Williams also has a ton of new & exciting comics coming in 2017 that he can’t wait for the world to see. When he’s not drawing comics, he’s traveling, video gaming, or hanging with friends. See some fun process videos of him drawing on the following social media  platforms:  Instagram:

UDON Entertainment-John Shableski and Erik Ko "Japanese Gaming Market Impacting Publishing"

The art of adaptation, translation and gaming books. From adaptions of classic literature to the manga format or translation of original Japanese manga to English, the editorial team of UDON Entertainment talks about the unique challenges involved with bringing projects to the North American book world.  What drives the selection process for original Japanese properties?  What are the biggest challenges in adapting classic authors like Austen, Twain, Poe or Dickens?  How does the gaming market impact publishing?   Join us for this inside look at the publishing processes at UDON Entertainment

First Second Books-Mark Siegel "The 10th Anniversary of First Second Books"

Celebrate Ten Years of Great Graphic Novels with First Second Books

Join :01 Editorial Director Mark Siegel in a celebration of First Second's tenth anniversary!  Over the past decade, the graphic novel industry has changed radically, and First Second has been on the forefront of that change, publishing books that have created new readers for the industry.  This panel will explore that change, along with a discussion of what's next for First Second.

Dark Horse-Margaret Atwood On Her First Graphic Novel, "Angel Catbird"

Margaret Atwood, the Booker Award–winning author of The Blind AssassinThe Handmaid’s Tale, and The Heart Goes Last, speaks with Dark Horse Comics editor Daniel Chabon about the process of writing her first graphic novel. Angel Catbird is a unique and ambitious collaboration between Atwood and artist Johnnie Christmas that tells the story of an unusual superhero over the course of three graphic novels published by Dark Horse Books. The first of the series will be on sale this September. The project is being published in tandem with Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives, an initiative led by Nature Canada, the oldest conservation charity in the country.

"Zines Out Loud"

Come and listen to some zinesters from the Zine Pavilion read from their own work. If you can't make it to the reading, make sure you come by the Zine Pavilion where there will be zine creators all weekend long!

John Patrick Green "Comic Books As a Gateway to Early Learning"

"Comics Conundrum!" demo with John Patrick Green: Comic books and graphic novels are a great gateway book for early and young readers, and offer great possibilities for programs at your school or library. Join creator John Patrick Green (Teen Boat, Hippopotamister) as he demonstrates ways to incorporate comics into engaging workshops with varying levels of student/teacher/author interactivity. 

Will Eisner Presents "Creating Local Partnerships for Your GN Collection Development and Programming"

One of the most often overlooked element in developing a graphic novel collection is a partnership with your local retailers and schools within your community.  You may have a comic shop or book seller who wasn't aware of your efforts and the same may be true for a local educator who is looking for support for his or her programming.  How do you connect with them?  What sort of programming or partnerships can be developed?  How does this impact your circulation?

DC Entertainment – HARLEY QUINN All Access 

Go behind the scenes of DC Entertainment for an in-depth look with the bestselling authors of HARLEY QUINN, Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti! From their work on the HARLEY QUINN graphic novel series, to spin-offs HARLEY QUINN AND POWER GIRL and the forthcoming HARLEY QUINN'S LITTLE BLACK BOOK and HARLEY AND HER GANG OF HARLEYS, this duo is putting together some of the most popular titles in the comic book industry today. Come hear Conner and Palmiotti discuss their creative process, as well as how Harley is affecting popular culture and education in today's society. This is a panel not to be missed!

Viz Media-Mark De Vera "Manga!"

VIZ Media, the premiere publisher of manga and graphic novels in the English-speaking world, has released several hit series such as NARUTO, POKEMON and OURAN HIGH SCHOOL HOST CLUB. We’ll bring you news on exciting announcements and talk about the hottest and most popular manga!

Abrams-Jim Ottaviani "The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded"

Join Jim Ottaviani, the recipient of multiple Eisner and Ignatz Award nominations, as he tells the story of English mathematician and scientist Alan Turing (1912–1954) who is credited with many of the foundational principles of contemporary computer science. The Imitation Game presents a historically accurate graphic novel biography of Turing’s life, including his groundbreaking work on the fundamentals of cryptography and artificial intelligence. His code breaking efforts led to the cracking of the German Enigma during World War II, work that saved countless lives and accelerated the Allied defeat of the Nazis.

While Turing’s achievements remain relevant decades after his death, the story of his life in post-war Europe continues to fascinate audiences today.

Drawn & Quarterly - The Best Graphic Novels You Haven't Heard of (Yet): 2016/2017 PreviewDrawn & Quarterly, Groundwood Books, and Nobrow Press are three international publishing houses producing landmark graphic novels with impressive production values. D+Q publisher Peggy Burns, Groundwood publisher Sheila Barry, and Nobrow US Sales & Marketing Director Tucker Stone will discuss their approach to graphic novels, preview their forthcoming titles, and share what's in the pipeline for 2017.

"What's Coming in Graphic Novels for Fall"

A form of publishing once relegated to the corner drugstore, the backrooms of dingy bookstores, and the secret clubhouses of nerdy boys, comics and graphic novels are now commanding shelf space in libraries everywhere and appealing to ALL demographics. Join Chad W. Beckerman of Abrams Comics Arts, Michael J. Martens of Dark Horse Comics, Blake Kobashigawa of DC Comics, and Gina Gagliano of First Second Books for a look ahead at their exciting new releases for Fall 2016.

Drawn & Quarterly "The State of Graphic Novels Today"

Drawn & Quarterly has been publishing luminaries of the graphic novel medium for over 25 years. Comics and graphic novels make great entry points for low literacy users as well as readers of all stripes, and the fastpaced world of graphic novels is booming. Join D+Q publisher Peggy Burns, executive editor Tom Devlin, and other invited guests for a rousing discussion on the state of graphic novels today.

Mark Wayne Adams "OUTBACK: Bothers & Sinisters" Family Tree

Mark Wayne Adams is an award-winning illustrator, author, publisher, and owner of Mark Wayne Adams, Inc, an independent book publishing company. With 19 years’ experience in graphic design and he has worked for companies including Walt Disney World Company, Sprint Print, and Commercial Printing. He is also a board member and past-president of Florida Authors and Publishers Association, a nonprofit organization that provides information, resources, and professional development to its members and others interested in the writing and publishing profession. His presentations incorporate childhood stories of mentors, inspiring friends, and uninspiring friends.

The Children's Book Council - Graphic Traffic: Graphic Novels Takeover

Children’s and teen graphic novels have seen an increase in critical acclaim; Rollergirl and El Deafo received the Newbery Honor, and This One Summer received the Caldecott Honor and the Printz Honor, to name a few recent high profile award winners. The CBC Graphic Novel Advisory Group assembles a panel of librarians and industry commentators to discuss the change in critical perception towards children’s graphic novels and highlight some 2016 graphic novels that just might be the next big winners.